Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Intern...Becomes Reality

Post Written By: Abi Nixon
Year: Senior
Major(s): Middle Childhood-Early Adolescent Education
Minor(s): General Science

Hello again!  This semester has been very busy for me.  I am currently finishing up Field 2 at Lincoln Middle School.  Compared to all my semesters at UWL, this semester has flown by.

From the beginning of my journey through the education program at UWL, I knew that I was interested in applying to the internship pool for student teaching.  I initially discovered this unique student teaching opportunity by exploring the SOE website and looking at all the different student teaching options.  I was intrigued.  This fall, I went to the informational meeting about alternative student teaching options.  At the meeting, they gave us information on WIP Teaching Internships, Educators Abroad, and Institute for Urban Education in Milwaukee.

After the meeting, I immediately applied for the internship pool.  I had to answer a questionnaire and write a short statement about why I should be chosen for the internship pool.  Then, I had to write down three SOE professors that could speak to my teaching ability.  A few weeks later, I was notified that I had been accepted into the internship pool.  I was very excited!

One thing that you have to consider after you have been accepted into the internship pool is where you are interested in teaching.  There is a large variety of options and new internships are released every week.  It took me about an hour to look through the entire internship book and narrow down my list.  Once I narrowed my list down to three possible internships, I notified Cindy Duley, and she contacted the schools.  My first two choices decided to hire long term substitutes to fill the positions, but my last school, Nekoosa, still had openings.

From here, the whole internship process went very quickly.  Cindy told me that the principal wanted me to send him my resume, and after I sent him my resume, he asked me to take the TeacherInsight quiz.  The TeacherInsight is an assessment that school districts use to identify the best potential teachers.  It took me about thirty minutes to complete this assessment, and it was very neat to see the interview process begin.  The next day, the principal emailed me that they wanted me to come and interview the next day!  The next day, I drove an hour and a half to my interview in Nekoosa.  My future cooperating teacher gave me a tour of the school, and then I was interviewed by both the principal and cooperating teacher.  I would highly recommend making an appointment with Brenda Leahy to practice interviewing and to get some great interviewing tips.  One thing that I think may have set me apart from the other people applying to this internship was the fact that I came with about seven thoughtful questions about the school and the school district.  I spent a large about of time exploring the school's website, Facebook page, and district page to learn about the school.  I had a blast interviewing.  Even if I did not get offered the position, I knew that this was a great learning opportunity about what it is like to interview for a full-time teaching position.  However, the next day, I got offered the position!

I felt at peace about accepting this position and the fact that my mom and I found housing for me in Nekoosa reassured me that I was making the right move.  I am very excited to see what next semester has in store for me.  If you have any questions about the internship pools or my experience, feel free to contact me (nixon.abig@uwlax.edu)!  I will keep you all posted as I move to Nekoosa to teach second graders!  Let the adventure begin!