Monday, April 27, 2015

First Lesson at My Second Placement

Post written by: Drew Preusse
Year: Senior
Major(s): Physical Education
Minor(s): Adapted Physical Education

Today I taught my first lesson at my new placement, Westby High School. I am taking over my cooperating teacher’s “Individual Sports” class which is a PE elective for upper high school students. We are in our tennis unit and my first lesson was starting a doubles tournament outside. I put students into teams and planned out the first five rounds of match-ups.

On my way to school it started snowing lightly. I thought, that’s okay, we can set up the pickleball courts inside and use pickleball rackets with tennis balls for today’s class. Unfortunately when I got to school I was informed we did not have our gym space because of a music concert going on in there. I also found out that half of the class was a part of this concert and would not be coming to class.

We ended up going outside to play tennis in the snow; I remade teams and match-ups as we walked down to the tennis courts. This is a perfect example of how a great lesson plan can be tossed out the window in a matter of minutes and you still have students coming to your class expecting the best from you. It turned out to be a great first lesson -