Friday, February 27, 2015

Typical Day in PE

Post written by: Drew Preusse
Year: Senior
Major(s): Physical Education
Minor(s): Adapted Physical Education

The following is what a typical day of my student teaching looks like...

I start my day off working with my adapted physical education cooperating teacher at Irving Pertzsch Elementary. Here I teach three second grade students with disabilities in a small group setting for 30 minutes. They receive this additional session with me as part of their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). My lessons usually align with what these students are working on in their general physical education classes including object control skills (throwing, catching, striking, etc.), locomotor skills (running, skipping, galloping, etc.), and other skills such as jumping rope, balance, and flexibility.

After my first session I travel to my main placement of Eagle Bluff Elementary. Here I have a 30 minute early childhood session with 2-3 students with disabilities. These young students are just starting to come to school and receive special education services. Every day we work on walking and balancing along with riding bicycles, tricycles, and/or scooters.

Once my morning in adapted physical education is done, I start my general physical education classes with my other cooperating teacher. Each of these classes have roughly 18-24 students and last 30 minutes. I see three kindergarten classes and two 1st grade classes before my lunch break. Afterwards I see two more kindergarten classes to end the day. It is crazy how many children we see in our gym each day! We work on the same skills I mentioned above. For example, right now we just got done with our dribbling unit and are now starting our kicking unit. 

I stay after school most days to attend staff meetings or work on my  unit plans, lesson plans, assessments, and other materials. I also have to complete additional assignments and reflections for my UW-L supervisor. Every other Wednesday night I go to UW-L where I have seminar with my professors and other physical education student teachers. Here we share our experiences and get ideas from each other.

By the end of each day I am exhausted. I go home to recharge so I am ready to do it all over again tomorrow!