Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Substitute Surprise

I began my middle school student teaching experience about a week and a half ago, and it has been quite an interesting experience so far. On the first day that I met my mentor teacher, I found out that she would be going out of town for the next week and half to attend her son’s wedding in Mexico. This meant that I would be working with a substitute for the first week and half of my student teaching experience. At first, this idea scared me because I was unsure of what my “role” would be and I was also a little nervous about students acting out.

Well, I’m not going to lie to you, the students acted out like mad for the first few days. However, the substitute and I were able to gain their respect; and after this happened, classroom management became much easier. I have learned loads about classroom management over the past few days.

Ms. Bruha and Ms. O'Connor in action
As far as actual teaching goes, I have been getting a lot of experience in front of the classroom. The substitute I am working with was a History Education major, so when it comes to teaching grammar or writing I have more experience with it than she is. This being so, I have have been teaching a TON. Having the sub here is nice because it gives me the opportunity to gain experience with the students without the fear of messing up or being “perfect.” My mentor teacher will be the one who actually evaluates my teaching, so any mess ups I make now are mess ups that I can avoid when it actually counts.

So even though I was nervous at the beginning of this substitute adventure, I am grateful that it happened because it pushed me to grow in ways I probably wouldn’t have otherwise and gave me a very unique opportunity! Also, the substitute was a wonderful person and I am happy to have met her.