Friday, December 5, 2014

A Little About Me

Post written by: Erin O'Connor
Year: Senior
Major(s): English

Minor(s): STEP

Hi there, my name is Erin O’Connor and I am a proud member of the School of Education at UWL. I am from a town called Brookfield, Illinois- which is located just outside the city limits of Chicago. Many people wonder what in the world brought me up this far north to La Crosse, Wisconsin for my education. It may seem a little random, but after visiting UWL in my senior year of high school the question of where I wanted to go to school was answered. I fell in love with the campus and the unique community.

To get a little bit more specific about myself, I am a Secondary English Education Major. Throughout my walk of life, teachers have been very influential. They have helped me to realize my potential and to believe in myself. The thought of being able to impact another human being in the way that teachers have impacted me is what really brought me to become an education major. Writing and music are my passions. I have been to over one hundred concerts in my life and I’ve worn the same beat up old converse to almost  every single one. My perspective on things tends to be a little off the beaten path, but I am happy to have you join me on my journey through the education program here at UWL. Exciting but sometimes scary, I am sure this will be interesting.